DIRECTOR - Nevie Owens

nevie owens

After graduating from the University of Denver in 1998, Nevie returned to the burgeoning film community in Austin, TX. For four years, Nevie honed her skills as an assistant editor to Sandra Adair on many projects including Rolling Kansas, Academy Award nominated Before Sunset and an untitled Richard Linklater football documentary. Her work as a feature editor on Jumping Off Bridges and Burned has screened at festivals throughout North America and most recently, Nevie completed the much anticipated feature documentary,The Spirit Molecule. In addition to the numerous feature films, documentaries and shorts benefiting from her editing work, Nevie has enjoyed success with her own projects Mexiphobia and, soon to be completed, Cancerpants because of her friendly and knowledgeable approach to filmmaking.

"My endless passion and dedication to Cancerpants not only guarantees this documentary will get done, but will get done with dignity. I expect great things for this project, and I believe Ro will have a positive impact on others who have been confronted with this not-so-uncommon cancer. While it seems incredible that a movie about breast cancer has not been made before, nothing like Cancerpants seems to exist. And though breast cancer is so common, the average layperson knows surprisingly little about it. Cancerpants is ready to be THE breast cancer movie."

PRODUCER - Mitch Schultz

mitch schultz

Mitch Schultz began his life journey in Memphis, TN, while Elvis recovered down the hall from his delivery. Since, he has called Texas, Minnesota, Colorado, and New York City home, and from an early age, his love of film, art, music, mythology and anything curiously unusual, fueled his path. Schultz's work encompasses time with Ghost Robot (, Synthetic Pictures ( and the development of Spectral Alchemy, a hybrid- organization, part production company/culture architecture/think tank. His education includes a BS in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin and a MFA from Tisch School of the Arts' at New York University.

"As a producer on Cancerpants, my role is filmmaker, but my attachment is much more personal. I've also been personally affected by breast cancer, when my aunt (my absolute favorite person in the world) and her partner recently fought this difficult battle. This story needs to be told, if for no other reason than an empathetic outlet for the many women that struggle with breast cancer every year."